[Form]Moderator Application

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[Form]Moderator Application

Post by HamZa on Sat Nov 07, 2015 1:25 am

Make sure you meet the requirements when applying else do not apply (The requirements are stated at the bottom)

In-game Name :
Age :
Your timezone (GMT) :
Since when have you been playing on the server :
Hours of activity per day (Estimated - Minimum - Maximum - Day/night) :
Have you read this topic ? http://www.teamdrd.com/forum/showthr...job-is-serious: Yes/No
* Do you know that when you are an admin , playing should be your second priority when you are in game ? Yes/No
Are you a registered user on IRC?: Yes/No
Had any experience as an administrator/moderator ? Yes/No
How will you dedicate or help LSCNR as a Moderator(Minimum 50 words) ?
Screenshot of your /stats :

You would like to add anything else?

* This doesn't mean that you shouldn't play when you are an admin , It means that you should administrate the server instead of playing when the server is needing administration.

Not Using the correct format will get your application locked & Denied

Requirements :

- Being here for at least 1 month
- Being a regular player
- Having 50 posts (Your must have a registered forum account for at least 1 month)
- Registered account on IRC.

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