Report form & Rules

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Report form & Rules

Post by HamZa on Sat Nov 07, 2015 1:11 am

If you want to report a player , make sure you use this format else the staff members will NOT take care of your report (Your report will be locked and denied)

Your in-game name :
Who are you reporting ? :
Why are you reporting this player? Explain :
Proofs ? (Screenshots , Chat logs) :
Do you accept that lying will lead to serious and harsh punishments? (yes/no) :

- You must have Full Proof Showing/Explaining the Situation
- You must Be respectful for Admins replying/comments
- You must Explain the Situation in full detail , And Showing Full information/Screenshots.

The only people who are allowed to post on reports are :

1. The person who made the topic (Reporter)
2. The person who got reported (Victim)
3. Witnesses
4. Staff team

If you post in reports while you are not allowed to post , you will be forum warned and may get banned from forums .

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