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[Form]Unban Request

Post by HamZa on Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:50 pm

Make sure you use the correct format while making an unban request else your topic will be locked and you will remain BANNED till you make a new one using the correct format.

Try re-logging before making this application because you might have been facing the sa-mp ban bug!

Your In-game name :
Why were you banned? :
Who banned you? :
Why should you be unbanned? (Explain) :
Do you accept that lying may extend your ban time ? : Yes/No

Before posting your unban appeal , make sure you follow these rules ; If you want to have a higher chance to be unbanned , then make sure you read this carefully

* Use the correct format
* Your topic's title should be [Unban]Your In-Game name
* Be polite toward other people especially admins , Remember that flaming at admins will play against you ; Don't get in arguments.
* Do not lie ; we can simply check logs and such things and If we find out that you have lied , Your unban request will be denied
- and your ban time may be extended
* If you evade your ban , you won't be unbanned unless a +level4 admin decides to.
* If you get banned for hacking , making a unban appeal doesn't mean that you will be unbanned ; Your ban time MAY be reduced depending on your application and the admin who is making the decision.

* Please note that if you hack again after you got unbanned , You won't be unbanned .

The only people who are allowed to post in unban applications are:

- The admin who banned you
- The people who are INVOLVED (Ex. The report which leaded to the ban)
- +Level4 admins

Do NOT post in unban applications if you are not allowed to else your post will be deleted and you may get forum warned.

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